Chi Siamo

Di.Pa. Sport is a company that works in the automotive market.

Di.Pa. Sport, under the guidance of his founder Christian Gherardi, design and create all of its components, by testing the real power increase. Founded on 2002, the Piacenza company is countinoulsy growing with a selling rhythm of around 1500 / 2000 add-on modules per month.

Every module is studied in order to not get in conflict with the original one.

A part from the add-on modules Di.Pa. Sport remanufacture also engine control units (ECU) such as the Fiat Punto ones IAW 59F and the Electric Power Steering (EPS) for Fiat Punto.


The add-on modules allow to modify the vehicle’s parameters with an increase of more than 25% without affecting the vehicle’s original system.

Is possible to regulate the modules with the Di.Pa. Box: an exclusive handheld for installers that allow to personalize the mapping with three different steps (low, medium and high regimes) and it can be in real time while the car is running.

With the digital controller there is also the Di.Pa. Wireless: a remote control that allow the end customer to manage two mappings a part from the original.

Tutti i marchi e i codici automobilistici sono di proprietà dei legittimi proprietari.